We leverage our Technology, Knowledge & Experience to provide the ultimate solution for financial institutions, allowing them to fully increase their prepaid capacity. With a strong core team of in-house developers and innovative business thinkers we gain an understanding of our clients business operations, work flow, and goals, in order to develop the ultimate solution. We seek to enhance financial institutions ability to service any B2B and B2C card programs by supplying a full range of services and act as an in-house program management division supplying downstream programs with the full suite of tools to be successful in the marketplace.


Pay24 prepaid services  ’team provide an online cardholder portal that is fully customizable. This can be fully branded and integrated into the client website providing a seamless user experience for the cardholder. The functions available to the cardholder include:

  • Card status and Balance information

  • Transaction History and Statement Printing

  • Card Loading via bank transfer or online debit card payment

  • Updating of contact details

  • Transfer of funds to another card

  • Transfer of funds to a bank account

  • Cashback and Rewards

  • Bill payments


Pay24 prepaid services  ’team  have partnered with several Currency Exchange providers, allowing our clients and cardholders to load our currency cards at extremely competitive rates. FX providers have the capability to feed us real-time rates, as many times a day as they wish, ensuring no exposure to market volatility.


Pay24 prepaid services  ’team provide a multilingual IVR system, which cardholders can use to retrieve their PIN, check their balance or block their card if lost or compromised. Local numbers can be provided globally and additional languages added based on client requirements.


Pay24 prepaid services  ’team currently issue cards in the following currencies: Sterling, Euro, US Dollar, Australian Dollar, Polish Zlotty, Romanian Ron ,Croatia Kuna and much more depending on the bespoke package.


Pay24 prepaid services  ’team with  partners a profile based customer service and back office portal for efficient management and reporting of all programmes:

  • KYC (Know Your Customer & identity verification solutions) and PEP checking services

  • AML (Anti-money laundering) checking services

  • Lost and stolen costumer 24/7 services

  • The real-time reporting is extensive, including but not limited to reconciliation, card creation, card status and loading information

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